Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little Wednesday

--Looking like I will be blessed with a four-day weekend next week. My mind spins with the possibilities. Paris? Tuscany? Anaheim? A man with a couple days off is a terrible thing to waste. It couldn't come at a better time actually. It's been a busy string of months and it's frustrating to not be able to keep up with normal life things like keeping the house clean and getting birthday gifts on time, not to mention the leisurely pleasure of having time to think.

--Had a great time in Portland last weekend. Sarah and Bill Brasky were incredible hosts. I'll post some pics and stories later, just wanted to mention it now.

--Viva El Doug! Poor guy ate shit on his bike and hurt himself pretty badly. I tell you what, this has been a bitch of a year, hasn't it? I won't list them for the sake of it appearing as if I am comparing one hardship with another, but it seems like most people I know have had something really difficult happen in their lives this year. And we're only in July! Still, there have been some really amazing, beautiful, positive things, many of which have come by way of the negative so there you have it. Let's just cease and desist with the bad news until after New Year's, okay Universe? I think that's fair.

--On that same note, with everything Wayne has been going through, who do you think texted me this morning to ask me how I was feeling? The guy was barely home from the hospital and he was asking me how I was (I have been having some severe stomach pains for the past two weeks). He's fighting cancer and he's asking me about my stomach ache. Amazing guy, wouldn't you say? By the way, I'll be shutting up about my health right

--Also derived from the list of shit....We lost Callie yesterday. If you've ever been to my dad's, you would remember Callie as the sweet little calico that fell over when you scratched her back and was widely regarded as one of the sweeter cats of all time. There was nothing specifically wrong with her in the way of a disease or anything like that. She was just so old (19) and had nothing left in the tank. She couldn't walk more than a few steps without falling over to rest, couldn't make it to the litter box before she had to go, couldn't make it up onto her favorite couch. So, difficult as it was, it was time.

Well, that's all for today.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


--I just saw footage of myself sprinting. Wow, that was an eye-opener. I run like a friggin' goofball! I run like Johnny Damon throws. Come to think of it, my running form reminds me a lot of Bengie Molina. At least it seems to generate more speed for me than it does for Bengie. Still, poetry in motion, I'm not.

--The Pottery Barn catalog is no longer allowed in my home. All it does is make me feel inadequate, reminding me of the house (and life) I will never have. And actually, I'm okay with that part. It's having the wife look at it and then look to me longingly for the same reasons. That's where we gotta nip it in the bud.

--"Even a broken clock is right twice a day..." So I am browsing the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for potential Christmas gifts (I swear) when I came across the summer suit of my dreams (okay so maybe i diverted momentarily), twinkling like the Griswold Family Christmas Tree. Based on the size, I thought for sure it was too small, but since size ain't nothing but a number, I figured I would just make sure. It fit. Like a glove. At least I thought so. But I thought I might be convincing myself it fit since I had instantly become smitten. So I waited for some help from the salesmen. And waited. And waited. There were only two of them and both were tied up with a couple of high maintenance guys. One of these customers was looking at the exact type of suit I am talking about and was smaller than me. He hadn't seen it yet so I walked back to the rack and picked it up, straight away. I saw he and his ladyfriend eyeing it in my hands, but I would not relent. So I stood around pretending to browse for a while. Then I made Nicole, with bad back, wait even longer. Finally, the troll gave up and moved on and his salesman was free. He agreed that it fit like a glove (and this is Nordstrom where I trust the suit salemen to be honest). After another half hour of fretting, we called the tailor, marked the pants and took care of the paperwork. It occurs to me I have been babbling on without yet telling you the best part, the only real point to the story....I got this summer suit of my dreams, this friggin' beauty, for--are you ready?--sixty-seven percent off. SIX-SEVEN. After getting absolutely abused on the airfare to Portland, this little retail miracle at least gives me hope that maybe there is a lucky yin to the cursed yang.

--I think I might have somehow become lactose intolerant. I'll spare you the details. This is upsetting because ever since I was a kid, there's been few things more satisfying than a taaaall glass of milk. If it's true, if I have crossed to the other side, I can only begin to grasp the reaches of the domino effect. Not gonna eat a brownie with soy milk. Not gonna eat a brownie, period. Cookies? Mac & Cheese? Say it ain't so!

--Anybody heard anything about what caused that Southwest plane to tear a hole in itself last week? Just curious since we're flying Southwest in a couple days. I'm sure it's fine. Uh huh, right.

--I need to post more cat pictures. I've got two of the cuter, more interesting cats in the continental US and yet what kind of proud father am I that I never post pictures?

Monday, July 20, 2009

The $18 DVD Rental

The only problem with Netflix is that the no-late-fee thing can encourage movie-watching laziness. One movie can sit unwatched for weeks on end. Before you know it, you've paid two months worth of membership for one movie that you still haven't seen. This was the case for me with "Flash of Genius," starring Greg Kinnear. Last night, we drew a line in the sand. Watched the movie and suspended the account thereafter.

Let me tell you, this movie might have been worth the eighteen bucks. It's a thought-provoking, inspiring story of integrity, perserverance, and truth. I recommend renting it and watching it within the first two months of bringing it home.

Friday, July 17, 2009


--Ya gotta love film/tv production jobs. Where else do you show up four hours early so that you can sit, drool, and go brain dead before the actual work begins.

--I am so very IN for "500 Days of Summer." Talk about a movie that's right up my alley. Bring it!

--My work environment was increased by a factor of ten today. I was introduced to the following websites:

Add these to our repertoire of the Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard and our bells and we're like a bad radio morning show over here. Good times.

--Another thing I learned this morning while sitting around for four hours was that one of my coworkers got his car as a prize he won while appearing on The Price is Right. The real one, with ol' Bob Barker and everything. It's even on youtube!

--Just about nailed the Pizza Redux last night. I want to try some different cheeses and toppings, but the execution was nearly flawless. Tonight, I think I am going to invest in a pizza peel. It's just gonna make it that much more seamless. Also think I am going to try using a stone tonight. I think it might just give me a little more control. I'm taking this thing pro!

--Go Halos.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


That's all I know at this point, but that's clearly the big good news of the day. I am sure Val will most more info on her blog. And until then, cause for celebration, I'd say! Wine and grilled pizza for all!

--In other news, I have another piece of sage advice...avoid expired yogurt. Avoid it like the plague. Actually, you should avoid the plague like expired yogurt. Moaning in agony for hours at a time is no way to spend a morning. Went out for Evie's birthday last night and didn't eat a thing because I was still recovering. And the food looked really good. Unfortunately, it took me eating another of the tainted yogurt this morning before I figured out the culprit. I thought a baby alien was gonna pop out of stomach and sing showtunes.

--In the last ten minutes, someone has come through here with In and Out Burger and another with freshly popped popcorn. Sensory torture! Unfair, unacceptable working conditions! Where's my union?!

--I am going to stuff so much Portland coffee in my suitcase, the dogs are going to think I am smuggling drugs. I have been suffering through this artificial-tasting, plastic Dunkin' Donuts shit for far too long. Stumptown, here I come! If there are any coffee lovers who want me to pick them up some of the good shit, let me know.

--Why does Pandora throw in Jack Johnson no matter which (or is it correct to use "what?") station I create? Does Jack Johnson sound the least bit like Bruce Springsteen, Wilco, or Ray LaMontagne to you? Enough with the Jack friggin' Johnson! Then again, maybe this is proof of the blandness of Mr. Johnson. He's like the chicken of music, he tastes like nothing and everything all at once.

--Facebook has been a major disappointment thus far. Other than the poker application and a lot of asinine messages and quizzes, there's just not that much going on on a daily basis. I think I could log in once a month and get everything valuable out of it. All this time, much ado about nothing.

--Just when I thought I was top beard around here, the new guy starts and I'm second billing. The Beard Wars will not be won this easily, I assure you. I have an arsenal of tricks and I intend to exhaust them all.

7 days 'til P-Town

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Pizza Report

It shows definite potential.

Some things I learned after the maiden voyage:

--The dough rises like a son of a bitch. What appeared to be quite thin made for a very thick dough when it cookes. I was going for thin and crispy and I ended up with Chicago style, less the grease. I think it will be much better when I correct this.

--I think I need to remove it from the grill to add the toppings after the first side is cooked. The dough cooks so quickly, you really have no time to add the toppings with it still on the grill. The cheese wasn't melted yet and the crust was already starting to burn. I'll, of course, lower the heat too.

--I made margherita pizzas last night which, you know, call for the big slices of mozzarella. Given the conditions I described above, I think next time I will go for something with shredded cheese. It will melt faster.

--The flavor of the dough was okay. I think I will try the Trader Joe's Garlic Herb dough next time before venturing into making my own. Kick it up a notch!


--The lesson of the day is never wait any longer than you absolutely have to when buying plane tickets. I just got slammed paying to go to Portland what should have gotten me to London, all due to waiting 'til the nearly last minute. If I were taking the same trip next month, it would be about 60% cheaper. Shit, this is gonna hurt.

The good news is I am headed for P-Town. The wedding is the cake and The Oregon Brewfest on the waterfront is the very fortunately timed icing. Delicious. I am going to make this trip worth the choke-inducing cost of the travel to get there.

I figured how much it would cost me to drive there. Based on LA gas prices, my little Prius would deliver us there and back for a total of $125. Now if only I had 28 hours to spare behind the wheel.

Ah well.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

When the moon hits your eye...

Tonight, I make pizza on the grill. Yes, you heard it right, on the friggin' GRILL. I am very excited about this. It sounds crazy, right? From what I've been reading, short of installing a brick oven in your house, the grill is the ONLY way to cook pizza. I've been reading tips and tricks, watching videos, doing all my homework. Tonight is time to put it to the test. Wish me luck.

Thursday, July 09, 2009


This exists 5 hours from where I live and breathe...

...a mere 2 hours further than Vegas, closer than San Francisco...

...And I have never been there. Not once.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Mark it down. For it is on that fateful day just over fourteen years from now that I will finally be free of my student loans. Isn't that something? I seriously want to plan a nice dinner or a party or a trip of some kind to celebrate. Mark your calendars, folks. If I should call on you, I'm not going to be accepting any excuses seeing as how I am giving you fourteen years advance notice. I wonder if home prices will still be at all-time low then. Might be about ready to buy! Woo hoo!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I did it.

I feel like I have been in a nuclear bunker for thirty years and just stepped outside and found myself in modern day Tokyo. Or like Brooks Hatlen when he gets released from Shawshank. "The world went and got itself in a big damned hurry."

I'm overwhelmed to say the least.