Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Lighter Fare

When I stepped outside this morning, I thought I was crazy.  It had to be wishful thinking, projecting on my part, surely.  Yet as the morning developed, my feelings were further confirmed.  It felt like a Fall day.  What a glorious reprieve.

The light seemed a little softer, the breeze a little chillier, my mind drifting to chili and football.  We all live in our own worlds anyway, right? so why not allow my world to be somewhat of a fantasy for a day.  It was quite lovely.

When I strolled into work (on time!), a comrade noticed my Jets hat.  I had to explain why I was sporting football today and she said she had just been saying the same thing.  So there you have it, autumn in June.

I'd like to think I appreciate each season for what it is and represents, but let's be honest, I abide summer, but I don't really like it all that much.  Give me two, two and a half weeks of real summer and I'm good.

Anyway, that's all.