Friday, May 26, 2006

Au Revoir, Mes Freres!

See you when we get back!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

They're nice shoes, but they're still just shoes

Why do some people put Nike Swoosh stickers on the back windows of their cars? What's more, why do some people, obviously not sponsored by Nike, get the Swoosh permanently tattooed on their flesh? I mean, I wear Nike stuff, I like Nike stuff, but I also like Kraft Cheese & Macaroni yet I don't feel compelled to make any perpetual public proclamations about either.

Speaking of odd things to stick on your rear windshield, what is with the "In Loving Memory of ______" stickers? What "in loving memory?" Driving? Are they saying that their every mile is driven in loving memory of the person? What about when they are cutting someone off or rolling through a Wendy's drive-thru? Is that also intended as a tribute? Is this the best way to pay respects to the dead? I am sure I have mentioned this before and I am sure I will do it again next time I see one.

Dammit it is a beautiful day outside. Really really torturously nice. I had no interest in working anyway, but a day like this just adds insult to injury.

Could God himself stop Steve Nash from getting a layup whenever he wanted?

Has Aaron Sele sold his soul? How else can you explain his success this season?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Your Contributions for the Mustache!

Me and the fellas at Adam's wedding. I'm your huckleberry.

These photos courtesy of Joe.

Phil and Cruiser Burroughs. Two red-blooded American men who know a thing or two about facial hair.

Arguments for The Mustache


Can you dig it?

It just don't get no cooler.

What's good enough for Burgundy is good enough for me

The Rock

Please, send in more pics!


Okay, so there was this story about how Britney slipped and almost dropped her lovechild but the real story here lies on the upper lip of her bodyguard seen here. Look at that 'stache!!! It is, for me, a true source of inspiration. Mustache Time is nearing, my friends. It's going to happen very, very soon....And it's gonna be GLORIOUS!

To Root or Not to Root

I am conflicted about the Clippers.

I have never been a Clipper fan nor was I ever a Clipper-hater. The Clippers have always been irrelevant. I barely knew they existed. Sure, they are a hometown team but so are the Sparks. The Sparks were actually more interesting because at least they competed for titles when they weren't busy winning them.

But now that the Clippers are competing and the Lakers are done for the season, little brother has caught my attention. This does not mean I am jumping on the bandwagon or making any kind of allegiance switch. But watching the Clippers, they're a hard team not to like. Elton Brand is a fantastic player with a gentleman's demeanor. Smart guy, nice guy, humble guy, outstanding player. I'm not a fan per say, but I root for the Clippers. Why shouldn't I? My team is no longer in the picture so I have to root for somebody else to some degree, don't I? Might as well be the underdog of all franchises. Especially since they are playing the Suns whose style of play drives me insane. They are a gimmick team, a video game team. Their strategy should not allow them to consistently win games.

My conflict is not so much about the Clippers, I guess, but more about Clipper fans. On one hand, I love Clipper fans. Talk about gluttons for punishment. Not only have these folks stuck by the worst franchise in the history of sports, but they've done so for so very long when there has been nothing, nada, nathan for them to pin their hopes on. There has never even been a glimmer of hope until this season. And yet, they stuck. If it wasn't painful enough to align themselves with a team that was the running joke of the sporting world, their team also had to share a building with the Lakers, one of the greatest and winningest franchises in all of sports. It's bad enough to be terrible but to have to look up at the Lakers' many many championship banners and retired jerseys in your so-called "home" games? Torture. I applaud Clippers fans for being the most loyal (or stupid?) fans I have ever seen. But out of that torture was born contempt. And this is, finally, where the conflict comes in.

Clippers fans hate Lakers fans. They absolutely loathe them with every fiber of their souls. I'm a die-hard Lakers fan so this means they hate me. As much as I respect them for their dedication, why would I want to root for people that despise me? I start to think that Clippers fans have rooted for their team for all these years not because they were the Clippers, but simply because they were not the Lakers. I think these people have bred hatred for the Lakers and have let it manifest as cheering for the Clippers. Now if that is true, I have zero respect for the Clippers fans. I don't want to see people that consider me an enemy jumping for glee. I don't want success to come to fans that, at their core, are not fans at all, but actually a legion of haters.

So what is the truth? Are Clippers fans impossibly dedicated or obtusely deranged? I'm guessing it's probably both. If so, what then is the majority distinction? What's the breakdown here? Is it 50-50, 60-40, what? Beyond that, what should take precedence, rooting for the underdog, nice-guy team that is facing the hated, smoke-and-mirror act Phoenix Suns....or striking down those that call themselves fans but are nothing more than pathetic, jealous, underlings?

With Brand and Kaman getting it done with class and continually exposing the Suns, I think I gotta root for the Clips. Rooting against them just because of issues with their fans would be just as bassackwards as the Clippers fans that root for them because they're not the Lakers.......But wait a second, that is precisely the reason I root against the Red Sox. Shit, I'm a hypocrite. Ah, fuck it.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Can't get enough of your love, baby...
It feels like Christmas in the office today and I have no idea why. I think I got a whiff of cinnamon or something when I was walking in. Whatever the reason, it's nice. I'll take it.

I got a new vacuum cleaner last night, a Dirt Devil Jaguar standard bagged model with 12 amps of sucking power. Let me tell you, I love vacuuming. Love it. And I have hardwood floors. The satisfaction I get from vacuuming my one medium-sized area rug is remarkable. Since the old vacuum broke, the dirt and cat hair has just been piling up. Last night, cracked open a brewsky and wiped the slate clean. It was a great night.

I am tored to no end today. All I can think of is the upcoming trip to Europe (which is only 9 short days away). It's really hard to focus on anything else. The DaVinci Code has been a thrilling distraction, but I will finish that today. There's always this blog, but I am beginning to realize I am not much of a blogger. Screw it.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I realize this makes me crazy...

...But I really don't like it when people say "Have a nice workout." I haven't yet figured out why, but it rubs me the wrong way everytime I hear somebody say it.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Crows Anyone?

Does anybody wanna go with me to Counting Crows at Verizon (Irvine Meadows) on Friday, June 30th? It's a Friday night. I have a half day that day so I won't have any trouble getting down there, but finding somebody else that can is the problem. Tickets aren't on sale yet so I am merely scouting.