Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Giving

As you might already know or suspect, I decorated my cubicle to the nines for Christmas.  Trees, snowflakes, twinkle lights, garland, and ornaments abound.  I've even got a laptop dedicated solely to playing a fireplace DVD and snow in the corners of the cubicle wall window panes that otherwise look like a prison visiting room.  It's my little 5x5 winter wonderland.  As a part of this celebratory setup, I switched out my usual coffee mug for a Christmas mug with which to sip my seasonal teas and coffees.

On this, the morning of our last day at work before Christmas, I was walking with my usual balancing act to the kitchen and I accidentally dropped my Christmas mug.  It actually flew out of my hand and shattered quite dramatically on the concrete floor.  All I could do was stand and watch.  There were four or five people standing behind me watching my mug (and heart) break.  Of all the mornings, it happens on the last one, the pinnacle of the holiday season at work?  Word spread quickly amongst my coworkers, many offering me their condolences.  Then, about an hour later, as I finished my last sips of holiday chai out of an impersonal and wasteful paper cup, a new offering appeared on my desk.

I looked over to find a red and gold cube-shaped box and a small brown paper bag.  As I turned, I saw one of my coworkers, Michelle, standing there.

"Now you don't have to drink out of a paper cup," she said. "And I got you a muffin too."

With those two sentences, my day (and season?) was effectively made.  I opened the box to find a beautiful, brand new creme and gold Starbucks Christmas mug.  I'm no Grinch so it's not like I was sitting there pouting and decrying Christmas, but even with my holiday engine running on a full tank, I was truly touched by this thoughtful, surprising gesture.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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